These prices are a guide only and will vary depending on the complexity of the cakes design. These are the BASE prices.


All prices refer to round double height cakes, cut in half and filled - creating 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling.

This is a BASE cake. This is a 3 Tier 6"+8"+10" cake. All prices below are based on this design. Any additional decoration will acquire extra costs.

If you would like to order a cake please fill out the form under the 'Order' tab and I will reply to you with a finalized quote and confirm availability. 

Cake Prices

Single Tier

4" from $35

6" from $70

8" from $120

10" from $180

12" from $220

Two Tier

6"+8" from $220

8"+10" from $320

Three Tier

6"+8"+10" from $420

8"+10"+12" from $560

Additional Decorations:

Drip from $10

Fresh Flowers from $20

Unicorn Deco from $35

Macarons from $15

Gold Leaf from $15

Fondant Figurine from $40

Custom Print Cookies from $5 each

Piped Birthday Message from $5

Custom Topper from $35


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